Egosoft has announced the XCON 2017, on which “X4” will be shown. In addition, the “X Rebirth VR Edition” was released.

Egosoft has several items in stock. First, the XCON 2017 was announced, which will take place in the framework of gamescom 2017 in Cologne. Visitors of the XCON 2017 can meet the Egosoft crew and learn everything about “X4” and the “X Rebirth VR Edition”. The XCON was recently held in 2004, shortly after the release of “X2: The Threat”.The event will include: “Visitors of the XCON 2017 will have an exclusive first look at the upcoming title: X4, the Egosoft crew will show the current development, talk about the planned gameplay and give an outlook on the future Have the opportunity to play the early access version of the X Rebirth VR Edition with the various VR headsets and to talk with the developers about their X-Universe angle as well as the secrets of the game development. ”

The registration phase ends on 13 August 2017. The seats on the XCON 2017 are strictly limited. All participants who receive one of the places will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of the participation and the details of the event. For those who can not participate in the XCON, Egosoft tries to offer at least part of the event as Livestream. Further details will follow later.

Egosoft has also released the “X Rebirth VR Edition”: “X Rebirth VR Edition is a stand-alone game based on X Rebirth: Home of Light, completely redesigned and optimized for a virtual reality experience with the latest advances in VR technology Such as Oculus Rift with touch controller and HTC Vive, the X Rebirth VR Edition lets players explore space in an unrivaled way. ”

Features of X Rebirth VR Edition

  • Fully simulated economy in a huge universe – Based on X Rebirth: Home of Light, Universe and Business have been specifically designed for Virtual Reality. Therefore, the memory states of both games are incompatible.
  • New graphicsgine – The X Rebirth VR Edition is the first game with the latest in-house graphicsgine, based on the Vulkan technology.
  • Large Missions – Players can be a freelancer, a pirate, a dealer, or completely detached from a role in the search for adventure. The missions cover all aspects of the game and help players find their own way.
  • Tempo and Balance – All areas of the game have been redesigned to create the best VR experience.
  • Seamless change between 3D and 2D – The user interface has been specifically designed for the immersive use of First-Person Perskeptive, providing full support for the Oculus Touch and Vive Controller. Players can still switch between the view on the monitor and the favorite input devices at any time.
  • Infinite Possibilities – Players can build their own spaceships and create an armada to defeat their enemies or dominate the market with their own merchant ships and factories.

The “X Rebirth VR Edition” is still in the early access on Steam and in the Oculus Store. The early version is intended to provide feedback and focus on two important points:

  • The VR controller based interface: The X Rebirth VR Edition has an exciting new input method. The HTC Vive or Oculus Touch Controller can be used to manipulate elements of the interface in the virtual environment. Egosoft hopes the feedback of the players about the quality of the input, in order to improve this until the publication further.
  • The new, volcano-based graphics engine is designed in a very early development phase and also as the basis for X4. The early access phase of X Rebirth VR Edition offers Egosoft many possibilities to test this new technology on a wide range of different hardware.

Written by GameZinger Staff


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