Xbox One X: Michael Pachter Does Not Believe In The Success of The PS4 Pro Competition

‘An Xbox One X costs as much as an Xbox One S and PS4 Slim combined- why would you buy a One X instead of a One S, and a PS4 to go with it too?’

According to analyst Michael Pachter, Microsoft will not have a great success with the Xbox One X, which is ultimately due to the price of about 500 dollars.

The well-known analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities has expressed itself on a current occasion about the upcoming 4K console Xbox One X of Microsoft. The high-end platform is expected in November of this year as the strongest console on the market in competition with the PlayStation 4 Pro already available since last November.

As the analyst in the interview with GamingBolt to understand, could the price of 499 euro for the Xbox One X but to the doom. So he does not believe the new console will be very successful on the market.

Xbox One X too expensive

Although Pachter assumes that the market launch console is a good investment, he is of the opinion that the high price will harm the sales figures. According to his expertise, the price limit for console buyers is around 300 US dollars. At a price of 500 US dollar would probably rather a 4K TV in the shopping cart.

“So I think that 500 US dollars are a lot and I think we’ve been at least the PlayStation and probably even before that ─ I do not remember what the NES had cost to launch ─ were trained that 300 US Dollars are the price point that people would pay, “Pachter said. “A Xbox One X costs as much as an Xbox One S and a PS4 Slim together – so if you do not have an Xbox One, any kind, why would you buy a One X instead of a One S and a PS4?”

Despite 4K support as a driving sales argument, Microsoft does not like the high price for the Xbox One X. The analyst estimates that probably less than 10 percent of all US households own a 4K TV while the share in other industrialized countries is probably even lower. Only in the coming years, when the proportion of the 4K TV owner rises, the Xbox One X becomes the logical purchase. At the moment, however, people are particularly interested in buying a 4K TV as well as an Xbox One X.

“So they’re just talking to people who have $ 1,100 dollars, as they have to buy a TV. This is the same problem that Oculus had to face. I really think the Xbox One X will not beat well, “he concluded.


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